Artwork to capture your vision

We Create Vehicle Graphics Logo design Company Brochures and lots more 

About CGE I have over 10 years experience in creative graphic design

We design from a idea or an initial thought I like to get know people

on a one to one basis and how we can best help with their media requirements. I am highly passionte about CGE and creative graphic design. We design brochures and we can create a logo design, vehicle graphics that fits your brand.

I produce for my clients and I want them to be happy with the designs we do for them. That to me is the most important aspect while being able to give them a fully bespoke and original design for their company.

If you like the sound of what we do then why don’t you take a walk around our website to see what we can do to help promote your company image to include logo design, banners and other creative media you may want from us.


Our creative graphic design services include:



  • Logo design
  • brochures
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Business stationary 
  • cards and letter heads
  • Leaflets, flyers and posters
  • Illustrations
  • CD designs
  • Brochures and booklets
  • Designs for vehicle graphics
  • Free consultation


Get in touch with us Conceptual Graphics England 160 Squirrels Heath Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 2DX Tel: 01708 781 328 Mob: 07913 600 584 Email: info@conceptualgraphics.co.uk

Working With You

Get to know our clients and how we can best help them move forward with their company identity with our creative graphic design.

Brain Storming

From our intial investigation using power words and elements, we create ideas that bring together our thought processes.

Looking At Elements

Creating a concept from the ideas thinking about combination of elements brought together to create a solution that works.


Our outcome to the processes above looking at a proposal and any changes you may want to be addressed.

Creative graphic design

What we can do for you Number one thing is we listen to you

We can create and design brochures for your business to promote you and your image to a target audience. We can design posters for up and coming venues. Signage for your company and window graphics, logo design, company vechicle graphics to reach your target audience. Design new packaging for your products that will stand out and communicate what it is. Book illustrations and covers, creating vector images and characters. We take pride in our work so when our clients are happy with the final creative solution we can hand it off.

AI illustrations

AI is a great program for designing logos, vehicle graphics and illustrations for booklets, magazines and other advertising material, it creates art work and our designs in a vector format, which I will explain it is not made from pixels it is actually a object which allows us to blow it up as big as we would like and does not affect the quality artwork.  So feel free to give us a call.

Indesign Design

In-design is a fabulous package that we use to design and create great looking brochures and other advertising material which alows us to use creative graphic design that you may want or need for your business, for example leaflets and interactive brochures to make your project appear professional, it does a great job in personalising your company’s brand.

Photoshop Manipulate

Photo-shop is another great program which allows us to manipulate images and create great looking projects for banners, backgrounds and will give you an edge over your competition.  This design program can take images that exist and turn them into amazing pieces.

Design Process

Our design process can take many twists and turns in the development of the idea, this allows us to be open and creative in our design so this is related to you directly.  We keep in contact with the development and the design to find a balance that works for you and creates an individual look that attracts your customers.